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Taskbar Lite Extendet v.1.0.1 (Updated 05 Mar. 2016)

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Taskbar Lite Extendet v.1.0.1 (Updated 05 Mar. 2016)

Post by psychotoXic »

Hello there. :welcome:

First of all i have to apologize for my english. It's not my first language but, i will give my best to not
make the english language open source so, be lenient with me. ;)

OK then, here we go. :eek:

The skin is made for Windows 7 x64 on Windows 7 x64. The resolution is 1920x30px and
will not fit on smaller displays. A 1366x30px laptop version is in work and will come later.
IDK if the skin will work on Windows 10 properly since i did'nt use it.
So try it you self and find it out.

This skin has to be on the bottom of the screen which meens, your windwos Taskbar has to
be on the top of the screen like you may already know from the Linux gnome/mate desktop.
And before the question comes up, there is no plan to bring a top screen version.
So if you want one, you're free to create one.

I have tried to keep all ini/inc files simple as possible so, it should be realy easy to add or remove
what ever you want.

Things this skin offers to you:

• 5 user dropup menues (Drag'n'Drop support will come in a later build)
• A HDD Monitor for 12 HDD's.
• Google search bar.
• System Uptime.
• CPU load and temp monitor.
• GPU load and temp monitor.
• Free/Used RAM monitor.
• Date and time + calendar.
• Sleeptimer.
• Volume/Sound settings.
• Monitor backlight settings (THX to cfixd.)
• Open/Close optical device buttons (made with nircmd).
• Monitor sleep mode button (made with nircmd).
• Reboot & Shutdown button (made with nircmd).
• Trash bin function.
• Aquasuit support (for watercooling systems).
• Aimp player support.
• System sounds (made with IVONA reader).
• Some more little useful things.


Some Screens (Updated 5 Mar. 2016 (v.1.0.1))




A little live Video. (v.1.0.1)
If you want the wallpaper, you can get it here :

Changelog (Updated 5 Mar. 2016


Added: Missing Backlight DLLs. Sorry and shame on me. ;)
Added: Scrollbar to the Backlight DropUp and replaced the buttons with better looking ones.
Added: New DropUp menue for Reboot/Logout/Shutdown (NIRCMD / Now it looks a bit cleaner.
Added: Style "Crystal Clear".
Changed: Name of the default style. Now its called "Crystal Smoke".
Changed: A lot of script names and links. Now they should make more seens to everyone.
Fixed: Font bug in the wather plugin.
Removed: Color switching on System Popup (CPU usgae + temp).
Removed: CPU warning sound " The cpu load is pretty hight ".

Some other minor changes, not worth to write down. (Yes, i already stay in the corner. ;) )


NOTE: Make sure to delete your OLD Taskbar LE folder before(!) you install this version to avoid any trouble
or have old scripts in your folder which didn't have any use anymore.

Virus Total Report:

rmskin file.
7z file.


Finaly, please DO NOT expect an HIGH END product. This is just a "little" skin made
by a non rainmeter pro user. It fits for my personal use - and maybe yours.

If you have any question, feel free to post below or drop me an PM in case you're shy.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Re: Taskbar Lite Extendet [v0.0.2.0] [Updated 25.Jan.2016]

Post by eclectic-tech »


Have a great day!
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Re: Taskbar Lite Extendet [v0.0.2.0] [Updated 25.Jan.2016]

Post by psychotoXic »

HI eclectic-tech.

Thats came from the included portable apps. :(

But i´m aware of this "problem" and think i will not include them in the later version.

Anyway, thanks for your report. :bow:


Problem fixed. New version added. See changelog.

Virsus total report:

PS. Read the included read me file.
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Re: Taskbar Lite Extendet v. (Updated on 8.Feb.2016)

Post by Piale »

when I try to move Taskbar Lite Extendet on my second monitor, the application disappears. It would seem that it can not move from the main monitor. I'm wrong, or is it a bug?
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Re: Taskbar Lite Extendet v. (Updated on 8.Feb.2016)

Post by psychotoXic »

Hello Piale.

Since i just have one monitor i cant check this but mainly i have created this this taskbar to be on the bottom of the first display. Will see if i can get a second monitor (from a find) to check this and will see if i can do something to make it possible to move the Taskbar to a second monitor.

EDIT: Btw. Which resolution you use on your second monitor? It must have a r. o. 1920!
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Re: Taskbar Lite Extendet v.1.0.0 (Released 03.03.2016)

Post by psychotoXic »


The v1.0.0 is released today.

Wish you fun and hope to hear some feedback.