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SciTE - Lua Script Editor

Discuss the use of Lua in Script measures.
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SciTE - Lua Script Editor

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A million years ago...I based a lot of my time in my spare life around Lua..I use to be a addicted HUD composer for the game called "Tibia". In this game every feature from the bot I developed for had function and call out which all came from Lua libraries.

To make my editing easier, not just to see; but to get a wide variety of features and tools, I came to start using the program called SciTE.

The program can read countless varieties of code but I generally used it for Lua and Lua only. I would like to suggest this program for anyone, new or experienced. This program simply just makes it really easy to read the code, edit, pack and excute.

SciTE comes available in both Windows and Linux based formats.

Homepage for SciTE -
SciTE Download page -

By the way, this is my first post on forums even though I've been editing my own skins for a long time now. I plan on slowly getting more active in the community and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

Hope everyone has a great day

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My Lua Editor of Choice : SciTE