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Skins that monitor system information
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Post by jsmorley »

Just a little Network skin that optionally shows a WIFI information panel.

Requires the latest Rainmeter 3.3 from

Uses the included CheckNet plugin to test network connectivity.
Uses the included ActionTimer plugin for the fade out / fade in effect.

1) Set your maximum download and upload bandwidth in @Resources\
2) Set the variable #ShowWIFI# in @Resources\ to turn on or off the WIFI panel.
3) Change color variables as desired in @Resources\

4) Mouse over the skin to toggle the WIFI panel (if enabled)
5) Middle-click the skin to copy your WAN IP to the Windows clipboard.
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Re: JSNetwork

Post by SilverAzide »

Nice! 8-)

Slightly off-topic, but any clues to offer as to whether Rainmeter 3.3 will add the ability to return the "Best" adapter's type (6=Ethernet, etc.) and/or the network/interface name (or "alias"). In other words, stuff from the GetIfTable() API? (I think RM is calling it already?)

This skin is a good example why this would be handy. For example, you wouldn't need to configure the ShowWIFI variable manually... you'd "know" that the active (Best) adapter was or wasn't a WiFi connection and you could have the skin configure itself accordingly. I wrote my own plugin for this, but it would be great to be able to scrap it and use pure RM functionality.
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Re: JSNetwork

Post by FreeRaider »

Does it support IPv6?