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Plugin: ColorExtract

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Re: Plugin: ColorExtract

Post by eclectic-tech »

Vetsus wrote:ok. i know i posted again. but the snip from balala got my issue corrected. i did notate that i understood about the coloralpha but i use these colors for things with a variable transparency.

so for instance a 'bass' meter. so for a bass frequency i have it setup to create a 'dancing' meter so when the bass hits the bass becomes more visible. that is the reason i wanted the to remove the transparency completed and balala's correction for it worked beautifully. i really appreciate it.
Glad you got it working! I thought you were looking for more than just setting transparency, which is why I suggested the Chameleon plugin; it does not return an alpha value, which allows you to control the alpha separate from the color value. It also supports hexadecimal or RGB values, plus more options ... :17good
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Re: Plugin: ColorExtract

Post by Vetsus »

i also have/had chameleon, but that one is not presently working for me. but i would like to set that one up as well. i like to have the color options, but it's also almost too many colors. lol