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Cryptopia Ticker for Gnometer

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Cryptopia Ticker for Gnometer

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I made Cryptopia Ticker because there weren't any exchange tickers for altcoins
Cryptopia Ticker is based on a Bitcoin Ticker made by Sek0n (Reddit: /u/Sek0n - Bitcointalk: Sek0n)

The original work showed the price of Bitcoin on multiple exchanges.
I have changed this to show multiple coins on a single exchange. In this case Cryptopia.
It is fairly simple to add more coins or change the current coins with simple copy and paste

Thanks and enjoy!

To use Cryptopia Ticker you must have Rainmeter and the Gnometer Suite installed.

Change Log:

V1.0.3 - Change the open close process to left click on icon to open right click on icon to close.

V1.0.2 - Added a Popup feature so the currency data is hidden until you hover over the title bar. You can then left click on the title bar to close the currency data screen. Makes for a cleaner looking desktop.

V1.0.1 - Fixed background so it fits properly after changing desktop resolutions.
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