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Windows 7 Visual Styles - Straight Edges

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Windows 7 Visual Styles - Straight Edges

Post by johnation33 »

Does anyone know how to makes straight edges for Windows 7 Aero theme, or any visual styles I can download from deviantart that uses straight edges/corners without screwing up everything else?

I love the design in win7 except the rounded corners of the windows, and its bugging me tremendously.

The closest I could find was this visual style below, but the author changes up the font and other aspects. Ideally I'd just want something that makes the edges/corners straight.

Re: Windows 7 Visual Styles - Straight Edges

Post by sgtevmckay »

This going to be a wait and see scenario

A lot of customization dropped the ball and ignored Windows 7 during teh RC phase, as a lot of folks figured Windows 7 would do as well as Vista.
Windows 7 has taken the customization community be storm, and left many of us hanging for answers.

There is also this:
The folks at Microsoft instituted a whole new set of security parameters that he customizer's must over come, so customization will come slower still for Windows 7 as we attempt to customize 7 without breaking it.

I may be wrong, but there is no capability for this,
at this time ;)
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Re: Windows 7 Visual Styles - Straight Edges

Post by dragonmage »

I haven't checked, but it would be worth looking at windowblinds. The guys over at Stardock have been right on the front line the whole time.