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Aurora 2.0

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Aurora 2.0

Post by razielnomack »

Unify Weather, Clock, Drives, RAM CPU & GPU Temp, CPU & GPU Usage and Fan Speed. Alson Audio VU
Uses, MSI Afther Burner as feeder.…

The Weather Widget shows, Now, Tonight, Tomorrow and Tomorrow Night, Cycling every 10 seconds using accuweater data.

The Skin has 8 Color Themes. Black, BlackLime, BlackIce, BlackRed, White, WhiteLime, WhiteIce and WhiteRed.

To change location of weather go to Resources folder and follow de instructions on config.ini. Its EASY!

Its my first Skin, plz, be gentle.

Black Lime

Image Image Image

Black Red

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

White Ice
Image Image Image

White Lime
Image Image Image

White Red
Image Image Image

Image ImageImage

Black Ice
Image ImageImage
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Re: Aurora 2.0

Post by soulseak »

here you calculate the the cpu usage i already shortened it to my cpu count but if you are using like 8 cores in your calculation the overall usage is wrong when you don't have any cpu cores there you need to check for the amount of cpus and change your calculation accordingly

Formula=((MeasureCPUUsage1 + MeasureCPUUsage2 + MeasureCPUUsage3 + MeasureCPUUsage4)/4)
and i would like you to separate the "circle" from the "weather information" so you can better customize them
I turned off your 10 sec cycle between the weather times and zones because it is really annoying and doesn't fit the design of yours where everything is "current values".

I changed some of your colors especially the white i made way more stronger

Also between 21 Mai you wrote de for your own language i think 21. Mai or without a "." it is more universal usable

since you use the weather information and names from the internet you should make the text bound to the right so if someone has a real long language like i got it doesn't go out of the screen

also i disabled the clock arrows i don't think anyone can read them like they are also you may disable the "second arrow" at least else it is really annoying, (why? all movement is annoying when it isn't your main screen u get distracted very fast by it)

nice design using it currently very nice
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Re: Aurora 2.0

Post by Xonear »

How did you manage to stop the weather from cycling, I've looked through the weather.ini file but it couldn't make heads or tails from it