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Moon Feed URL change

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Moon Feed URL change

Post by benjam »

I created the moon feed that powers many skins that provide moon data and just wanted to let the creators of those skins know that the location for my moon feed has changed so they can make the appropriate changes in their skins.

The new location is:

There is also a more detailed feed at, but it is inaccurate and not safe for end-user consumption, so please use the lite version in your skins.

These have both been moved from being dynamic PHP files to static XML files that are refreshed once every 10 minutes. Requesting these files more often than once every 10 minutes will not change anything in your skin, so please only request this file once every 10 minutes.

If you need an example of how to use this feed in your own skin, please see the skins I created which are available at

Thanks, and sorry for any inconvenience.
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Re: Moon Feed URL change

Post by JamesSF69 »

Just starting with Rainmeter and was wanting to do a Moon skin.