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Just found out about RainMeter today

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Just found out about RainMeter today

Post by Daenyathos »

Hey, I literally just found out about RainMeter today. I'm currently wanting to know these things:
1. Will it replace any start-up screens? (Windows 8.1 64-Bit. What I mean by "start-up screens" is the lock screen and the 8.1/Normal desktop)
2. Is it fairly easy to install?
3. Is RainMeter kind of like an app that you can close at any time?

**This might need to be posted somewhere else, please tell me and I'll post it there .-.**

PS. Please go easy on me, I'm just wanting to learn... c:

By the way, I accidentally posted this on a forum that someone had requested help...
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Re: Just found out about RainMeter today

Post by fonpaolo »

Welcome in Rainmeter. :D

Rainmeter can do many (or better almost infinite) tasks, only limit is fantasy and knowledge on creating the code used by the skins.

I can suggest you:
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