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Introduce yourself to the Rainmeter community!
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Hello to the Rainmeter community,

before I begin to start asking you guys questions, I would like to introduce myself.
I know my way around in terms of Windows 7, I even know how to build my own PC from scratch. But in Terms of programing, or similar tasks (creating skins for Rainmeter comes close for me) I have to call myself a total dummy...
As a user of foobar2000 in combination with CD Art Display I was always unhappy with the fact that CAD never got that ToggleDesktop function right (on show Desktop, CAD disappeares).
When looking for alternatives I found Rainmeter. The creations some of you have created are realy impressive, even though I have to say I like it a bit more descent, even minimal.
Getting started was a real hard thing to do, but so far I've got myself a simple clock in a thin Font (Mobile phone-like), a temperature control (for CPU & GPU) and a replacement for CD Art Display.

Best Regards,
Onkel Hotte