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Lock Screen

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Lock Screen

Post by eclectic-tech »

Latest Version

The latest version offers 3 variations.

The original using either your current desktop image or the included nebula image.
A second version using the nebula image and 4 website "pictures of the day" (Bing, Kodak, NASA, or Canon).
And a third version that uses random images from a folder of your choice (your wallpapers).
Set the "Source" option in the configuration program.

I added an audio "click" to the actions since it can take a second for the lock to initiate or for the configuration program to open.

Added more zoom levels and transitions (+33,000 variations)

Added 6 Photo Site (Bing, Kodak, NASA, Canon, Smithsonian, National Geographic)
Sites should update daily, or images can be manually downloaded and saved as "LockScreen\Lock\DownloadFile\#.jpg"
(#=1~6 correspond to order of Photo sites list above; Bing=1.jpg, Kodak=2.jpg, etc.) Refresh All after updating

Using modified coding from Animated-slide-show-Picture-of-the-Day skin by WwGallery

-.-.-.- Original Post -.-.-.-

A skin that 'Locks' your screen, displays User Info, System Version, Up-time, Time, and Date, while the wallpaper transforms and the text items fade in and out. A scrolling News ticker (can be closed/paused) displays the latest 3 items from up to 20 sites.

It uses TransformationMatrix formulas to display either the included 'Bello Nebula' wallpaper or your current wallpaper. It automatically uses your wallpaper, however, there is an option to always use the included wallpaper.

With 66 transformations and 170 zoom levels, it creates 11,200 variations for the display.
Now 146 transformations & 230 zoom levels...(33580 variations)
The speed of the transitions can be set in the configuration.

The cursor is hidden while running; double-left-click the screen to unlock. A right-click will display a context menu (and see the cursor) and there is also a close option in the upper-left corner. If the cursor does not appear over the ticker, right-click, then move it to select ticker options.

Two launch options are included; a button launcher, and a screen edge launcher (left edge by default... top edge by editing the code). Middle-click either launcher to open the configuration program.

There is a built-in idle setting that will 'Lock' the screen after a select-able idle time (default is 2 minutes).

Several fonts are included. Fonts can be styled and sized.

Inspired by:
Screen Lock in Yosemite Menu Bar : NikolaRabra
YQLFeed : JSMorley
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Re: Lock Screen

Post by eclectic-tech »

I wan't happy with the controls, so the context menu has been expanded.

It offers more control, and additional features:
  • hide/show ticker (setting remembered!)
  • set image as wallpaper
  • access user variables
  • change image source
  • & more...
The latest version (Version is available from the DevArt link above.

Always interested in any issues or suggestions! :)