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ColorSetter for Rainmeter

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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Re: ColorSetter for Rainmeter

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TweaknFreak wrote:Can I use it on my skin ?

I'm also thinking of implementing a list of the variables to which color changes matter placed beside your configurator and when the user selects a variable by clicking the variable gets copied automatically to the Change me input box.
Of course you can use it. It is kinda it's purpouse - to be used (well, this and bragging ;-) ). I am not sure that the latest version is here so if I may suggest you, download the Beta version from deviantArt (there is the friendly Download button ont the right side) I have added there a testing skin with edited version of ColorSetter that avoids the "Chang me" input field and has a lot of notes inside:-)