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How to post your skin creations on deviantArt

Post your work-in-progress and completed skins to share and discuss.
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How to post your skin creations on deviantArt

Post by jsmorley »

Probably the most popular place to host and share your Rainmeter skin creations is Rainmeter Category on deviantART.

The following is a guide for how you can package and submit your skin creations to deviantART.

Get your skin ready in Manage

Load and test your skin to make sure it is functionally complete, and add appropriate Metadata to the skin.
Create a preview image

You will need a screenshot preview image of your skin for posting on deviantART. There are dozens if not hundreds of tools you can use to create an image of your skin, one that comes with Windows and will do the job just fine is the Windows Snipping Tool.
Create an image that shows off your skin to good effect, and save the file as a .jpg image.
Hint: Fair or not, an interesting preview image can be key to "popularity" on deviantART. Give it some thought when you create one.
Create an .rmskin of your skin(s)

The following is a simplified step-by-step demonstration of creating a .rmskin. See Publishing Skins for a full explanation of the Rainmeter Skin Packager.

In Manage, click on the "Create .rmskin package" button.
Enter the information for your package, and click "Add skin".
Select the single root config folder for the skin(s) you want to add, and click "Next".
Select the skin .ini file you want to load when the .rmskin is installed, (if desired) and verify that the appropriate version of Rainmeter is required.

Hint: If your skin doesn't require functionality only available in a "beta" version of Rainmeter, it is going to be best to enter the latest "final" version number, which can be found at This ensures that the largest possible audience is going to be able to install your .rmskin.

Click "Create package". By default the new .rmskin will be created on your Windows desktop.
Place both the new .rmskin you have created and your preview image .jpg file in a folder where you can easily find them.
Submitting to deviantART

First, connect to and make sure you are logged on to your account there. Create one if you are not already registered there. Once you have logged on, click on the "Submit" link at the top of the page, and select "Submit Art".
Browse for or drag and drop your .rmskin file in the "Create Your Deviation" panel.
Click the little "pencil" icon next to "Preview required:", browse for and select your preview .jpg image.
Enter a description of your deviation. This bit is important. You need to fully describe what your skin does, any instructions that can help a new user with your skin, any requirements like Rainmeter version, and any credit information if your creation uses any work from other authors as a part of it. Giving proper credit to other's work is extremely important, as you will face both criticisms and restrictions on where you can post or talk about your package if you are not a good "Rainmeter citizen". Provide links to the deviations for any other author's work you are using, even if you have modified the original. Most authors are delighted that others use their work, even in a derivative way, but will rightly object to someone just taking credit for their imagination and hard work.
Select the deviantART Category that the package will be submitted to. The easiest way to find the right one is to just type "Rainmeter" into the search field in this panel. Then select the category that is listed.
Select "Submit to My Gallery". If you want to submit a request to have the skin added to the Rainmeter Group on deviantART, select "Submit to Groups" and choose the Rainmeter Group.
Choose the copyright licence you want to use. the Creative Commons / non-commercial / share alike license is very popular with skin authors.
When you have everything set the way you want, click the "Submit Now" button.
Now you will see your new submission in your personal gallery, and when viewing the latest submissions to the Rainmeter category on deviantART.
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Re: How to post your skin creations on deviantArt

Post by kevindahl »

I'm new to this and posted a couple of mine on forums today, but don't know how to properly give the credits for skins I used? and don't want to try to put them on Deviantart until I get It right. Can you give me some advice ?
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Re: How to post your skin creations on deviantArt

Post by CyberTheWorm »

Add to the metadata Information section like this, change for your data.

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License=Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0
Information=Weather skin, icons from
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Re: How to post your skin creations on deviantArt

Post by kevindahl »

Thank you :confused: