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[WIP] SimCity... more like SKINCity... heh

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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[WIP] SimCity... more like SKINCity... heh

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So, Sim City...

It's a game I very much enjoy and I especially like the interface so I've decided to start making a rainmeter skin to replicate it to a high extent but keeping everything functional.

This is only my second skin to be built from scratch so please, if you have any tips on optimization or whatever, they would be greatly appreciated. Please note that this is a WIP. Nothing is final and many things will undoubtedly change as I continue to develop it and take your input on board.

Skins Included Already:
- Taskbar with Start Button
- Profile Image linking to user home folder
- Weather Overview and 3-Day Forecast
- CPU / RAM / Disk Drive usage overview
- Taskbar Clock

Planned Skins:
- News Feed
- Basics (power control, recycle bin, battery etc.)
- Volume Control
- Music Player
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