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Iridium for Rainmeter and AutoHotkey

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Iridium for Rainmeter and AutoHotkey

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Just released the beta version of Iridium for Rainmeter & AutoHotkey. It's a highly configurable Start Menu replacement for Windows 8 (tested to work on Vista, as well, though some issues arose with Data Execution Prevention).


There's a lot you can do with this skin, and we're really hoping for skinning submissions (backgrounds & window decorations). We'd also love to hear about anything you'd like to see included in future versions. Credit will be given, fame will be had.

We're also hoping to hear about any bugs or issues, so we can deal with them quickly and get an actual release release out there in the wild. A contact form can be found at

BEFORE INSTALLING: Iridium requires AutoHotkey to work. If you don't already have it installed, pick up a free download at

AFTER INSTALLING AUTOHOTKEY: install using the .rmskin package from deviantART. Toggle the skin with either CapsLock or the middle mouse button. Details on changing these are included in a .pdf manual enclosed with the skin, found at


Enter your shortcuts using the Iridium Workshop, found by clicking the Settings icon in the lower right-hand side of the menu. Details are included in the manual.

The link for downloading:

An online tutorial:

There are other links to check out at the Abort! Interactive website. If you like Iridium, then like us on facebook! Check out BrowserFruit for Google Chrome™! Donate! Etc., etc.

Thanks to JSMorley, Kaelri, and Brian for the generous use of their addons.

Hope you enjoy! Let us know about problems!