Spotify Plugin Released! Now with less bugs!

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Re: Spotify Plugin Released! Now with less bugs!

May 31st, 2018, 1:36 pm
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dudebaker wrote:The update 2.1.5 seems to fix the previous, next and pause bangs.
The setposition bang does not work, at least with free users cause I have no premium (Log: Error 403: Not available for the current user).
The playpause bang pauses but instead of starting the track again it jumps to the next track.
The same goes with the play bang.

So my fix for this in the meantime - use the MediaKey measure for the commands and this plugin for the metadata, in this case there have not two MetaData-Plugins to be loaded, maybe uses a little less ressource. :)

Previous, next, play, pause and playpause all work just fine on my end. Tested on both free and premium accounts. It will throw a 403 error first, but it should fall back to using local keypress commands instead. Seeking is not available to free accounts. This is a limitation from Spotify's API.

Re: Spotify Plugin Released! Now with less bugs!

June 19th, 2018, 12:47 pm
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Hello, I have done everything that you typed in the post where the SoitaSpotify.ini file was attached as a zip file but it doesn't work for me. Why is that? I'm currently running a windows 10 MSI GL62M 7RD laptop. I tried restarting my laptop but that didn't fix it.

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