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Modified Skins

Skins that monitor system information
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Modified Skins

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Hello everyone
I have played around with Rainmeter the last few hours. :-)

Yes I am indeed a nOOb to Rainmeter and too lazy to made ​​my own Skin from scratch
and i don't think a have the Skills fore it
but I have Edit some skins Made From

Mazi710 :thumbup:
Dcrutgers :thumbup:
Fabularasa :thumbup:
Thank you for your amazing work

and got them to work with
Intel I7 3930K
Evga GTX 690

To get the "CPU CORE TEMP" to work you will need "AIDA64"
and for The "GPU USAGE / TEMP" you will need "MSI Afterburner Plugin" For Rainmeter

Please throw a comment or two
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