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Rainmeter 0.1

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Re: Rainmeter 0.1

Post by jsmorley »

Thanks for this thread moshi...
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Re: Rainmeter 0.1

Post by Mordasius »

jsmorley wrote:Thanks for this thread moshi...
Hear, hear!

Nothing like a good story with a happy ending......

I for one hope that "Rainmeter The Full Story" won't be written for many years to come.
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Re: Rainmeter 0.1

Post by moshi »

thanks for the kind words.

i think Rainmeter is a very nice example of an Open Source success story. just compare it to what happened to such a powerful and polished application as Konfabulator after Yahoo! bought it.
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Re: Rainmeter 0.1

Post by fonpaolo »

Almost none or maybe only a few who will acquire a software are really interested to develop and use it, mostly is the way to eliminate a competitor, if not for that, to use parts of the code in their own programs.

edit: Thanks moshi for the jump in the past. :D