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Shutdown time

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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Shutdown time

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Sometimes I start to download large files and leave the computer to complete the download. In these cases I activate my Internet Shutdowner skin ( to hibernate (standby) the computer when the download is complete. But often I asked myself when the computer was hibernated. To find the answer I've created this skin, which when is activated can inform me about this moment. For this it writes from 10 to 10 seconds (this can be changed) the date and time into 2 variables. When the computer is hibernated the writing is stopped and on resume it is disabled, so the last entered value will remain available, giving the answer to the question when was the computer hibernated. This works on hibernating, standby, shutdown, logoff and restart.
White strings indicate the current date and time, yellow indicates the last registered values. Also the image is modified according to the displayed values (clock on current date/time and a notebook on registered date/time).
To use the skin you must enable the date-time writing, with the proper checkbox. When it is enabled, the image starts to flashing, indicating this situation. With the button you can see the last entered date and time. While time writing is enabled, it will change from 10 to 10 seconds, but after a restart/resume of the computer it will indicate the shutdown/hibernate moment.
To change the interval at what the date and time writing happens, change the value of the WritePeriod variable. Longer period will decrease the precision (the larger possible difference between real shutdown moment and indicated moment is equal with WritePeriod), but will ensure that after resume of the computer a new value will not be registered before automatically disabling of time writing.
Please post messages about this skin. Let me know if you find this skin useful and if it works. Thank you.
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