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Maxima LUA script

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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Maxima LUA script

Post by cchargin »

Hello all,

I have written a LUA script that will track the maximum value of a measure over a specified time interval. The script is mainly designed to be used in conjunction with measures plotted on line or histogram meters.

You can pick up the example skin at DeviantART.

Both the skin and the script have comments describing how maxima.lua should be used. It is released under a creative commons license, so feel free to add it to your own skins.
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Re: Maxima LUA script

Post by smurfier »

I had done the same thing a while back.

Code: Select all

function Initialize()
	Values = {}
	Measure = SKIN:GetMeasure(SELF:GetOption('MeasureName'))
	Width = SELF:GetNumberOption('Width')

function Update()
	table.insert(Values, Measure:GetValue())
	if #Values > Width then table.remove(Values, 1) end
	local max, min = math.max(unpack(Values)), math.min(unpack(Values))
	for i = 1, 4 do
		local scaled, post = AutoScale(max * (i / 4), 1)
		SKIN:Bang('!SetVariable', 'Scaled' .. i, scaled .. ' ' .. post)
	return max

function Round(num, idp)
	return tonumber(string.format('%.'..(idp or 0)..'f', num))

function AutoScale(num, idp)
	local suffix = { 'B', 'kB', 'mB', 'gB', 'tB', 'pB', 'eB', 'zB', 'yB' }
	local scale = num == 0 and 1 or math.ceil(math.log(num)/(10 * math.log(2)))
	return Round(num / 1024 ^ (scale-1), idp or 0), suffix[scale] or scale
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