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AlCalendar is a calendar with the option to make notes for every day. This Calendar use the LuaCalendar script (v4.0) from smurfier.

How to use it:

- With a LeftMouseDoubleClickAction on a Day meter you can write your notes for this day.
- With a RightMouseDoubleClickAction on a Day meter you can delete all notes from this day.
- With a MiddleMouseUpAction on the Month/Year meter you can delete all notes from this month.

How to edit it:

In the Styles folder you will find the 2 files and

- In the file you can easily change the size of the Notes- and Day-Boxes.
- In the file you can change the styles of the meters, like FontColor, FontFace, SolidColor etc...

In the you can change the settings for the Calendar (like at the normal LuaCalendar), for more information look at the readme.txt.

Known Bugs:
- If you delete a note, it doesn't delete the complete line in the Notes.xml file, it remains a blank line.
-There must exist at least two notes. If you have only one note, the script will not recognize the one note.
Smurfier for his amazing LuaCalendar script.

Smurfier, Kaelri for some Lua help.

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License

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