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Offline Rainmeter Manual

Discussions about the documentation, main Rainmeter site and forums.
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Re: Offline Rainmeter Manual

Post by jsmorley »

The latest Rainmeter manual for offline viewing is available in the First post of this thread.

I have changed things slightly, as our new home for our documentation can't simply be downloaded and used with something like httrack or wget. The manual will now be run in a small local web server called TinyWeb on your local PC.

Using this, nothing is installed or changed in your local Windows. Windows may offer to add an exception for tiny.exe in the firewall the first time you run it; feel free to either allow it, or say "Cancel" and not allow it. It is not needed to use the manual. By default this will use localhost:8000. If you are using port 8000 for something else on your system, you can change TinyWebStart.bat to use any other port you like.
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Re: Offline Rainmeter Manual

Post by JGToy »


I have Apache/XAMPP environment running on my Windows 10 so, the setup you have runs xampp localhost not the manual.

Is it possible to run it on xampp instead?

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