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multiFEED 2.1! Now does Atom too!

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multiFEED 2.1! Now does Atom too!

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ImageA new purpose-built RSS feed reader plugin takes multiFEED to new heights. The interface is more responsive, ten full RSS feeds can now be loaded in less than a second rather than 20 or 30 seconds like version 1.0, and now handles unlimited items per feed instead of the version 1.0 limit of 50 per feed. No more CPU hogging during feed updates either. Snappy new help file too!

If you are using version 1.0 you will definitely want to upgrade.

UPDATE: New version 2.1.0 adds full Atom news feed support. You can also now filter the items in the feed by age, category, and language. Starting with version 2.1.0, multiFEED will automatically notify you if a new version is posted to my deviantART gallery. Never miss another upgrade!

Alert: The development release of my new RSS reader plugin is on my deviantART gallery page now. Leaves WebParser in the dust when processing XML RSS feeds. Get the power under the hood in multiFEED for your own RSS skins.