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Centered start button (viorb)

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Centered start button (viorb)

Post by TheAslan »


I just wondered that is there any chance to center start button in taskbar? I know there's a chance to hide it but any chance to center it?

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Re: Centered start button (viorb)

Post by maminscris »

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Re: Centered start button (viorb)

Post by gschoppe »


1) kill the start button (startkiller)
2) create a duplicate in rainmeter using chris'n'soft's openstartmenu utility
3) position duplicate as you wish, and set z-order as stay topmost
4) ????
5) profit

two known issues with this:
1) sits over taskbar items (no biggie, the start menu is a lot smaller than them, so it doesn't really obscure everything)
2) you lose access to the startmenu's occasionally useful right-click menu (ask yourself.. how many times have I used this feature)