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Enigma 4 [Released]

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Re: Enigma 4 [Released]

Post by Narzack »

So does this mean that Google Calendar won't be working with Enigma for the foreseeable future?
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Re: Enigma 4 [Released]

Post by aqxea »

Is Enigma 5 still in development or did it get abandoned?
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Re: Enigma 4 [Released]

Post by TheTokiEffect »


I've been using this skin for the last, oh maybe three or even four years on my old laptop. Now, I've finally gotten around to installing it on my new one (I'm a little rusty) and everything's working fine apart from the Gmail aspect - which is considered "unsecure" by the big men in suits, so they don't allow it - and the World functions.
With the Worlds, I can input the location I want, and it shows the weather well enough, but neither the time nor the map changes for each section. I've tried all three Worlds, all different locations, and all revert to my local time and no highlighted area on the map.
Is there any way to fix this?
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Re: Enigma 4 [Released]

Post by NoRoboGuy »

Hi Kaelri,

For the music-full.ini variant, is there a way to have the text 'always on top' instead of 'only when hovering'? Thanks for a great skin I have used for years.
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Re: Enigma 4 [Released]

Post by Cordemanon »

Hello. I downloaded your Enigma suite from Deviantart onto my laptop because (to be honest) the Windows 10 desktop is as bad if not worse than Win8...

I've been using it for a few months now and my experience with this suite has been terrific. Lately, though, I have tried tinkering with the various mini-apps (with varied amounts of success) and have run into what for me and my limited knowledge of Rainmeter (and programming in general) is a snag...

You see, I want to try to expand the Sidebar Notes so that it has nine tabs instead of three. I've managed to get the little dots at the bottom of the app to show up, but nothing happens when I click on them... :confused:

What am I doing wrong??

EDIT: I don't know quite how, but I figured it out. Had to print out everything I tweaked and compare it to the originals before I saw my errors
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