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illustro Extended

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
Harley Gorillason
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illustro Extended

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An extension of the illustro theme which ships with Rainmeter containing several new and updated skins.

* CPU name and clock speed
* Current load of each core in % and usage bar
* Supports single, dual, quad and hexacores with hyperthreading
* Process information
* Current system uptime

* Current RAM usage and total available RAM
* Current SWAP usage and total available SWAP
* Usage displayed in % and bar

* Updated version of the network skin which tracks total upload and download usage

* Music player skin which shows details on the currently playing song in supported players
* Supports iTunes, WMP, AIMP, Zune, foobar2000
* Displays song title, artist, album and cover art
* Position in the song is displayed as a time value as well as a progress bar