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Australia Weather from BOM

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Re: Australia Weather from BOM

Post by WizFiz »

holdenranger wrote:Thanks for this great Rainmeter script. I have been using it for ages and it's a wonder.

Recently though I have been getting an error. I made sure I am running the latest version (bomWeather_0.1j.rmskin 2014-12-28).

The error:

Code: Select all

Windows Script Host

Line: 97
Char: 3
Error: Invalid procedure call or argument: 'Left'
Code: 800A0005
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error
I removed my old copy and re-added the new one. Running Windows 8.1.

Cheers for any help that may be rendered.
I'm also having the same issue Windows 7 x64 here, is a bit annoying.
Only solution is to click the radar button take a look then close it, the error pops up but not as much, would be nice to leave it open however.
Here is part of the script if anyone cares to take a look.
Private Function ConvertDetObsDate (paramString)

Dim OffSet, tmpDay, tmpDate, tmpFormDate, tmpTime

tmpDate = Now()

tmpDay = CInt(Left(paramstring,InStr(paramstring,"/")-1))

If tmpDay < Day(tmpDate) and tmpDay = 1 Then TmpDate = TmpDate + 1
If tmpDay < Day(tmpDate) Then TmpDate = TmpDate - 1
If tmpDay > Day(tmpDate) Then TmpDate = TmpDate + 1

tmpFormDate = Right("0" & Day(tmpDate),2) & "/" & Right("0" & Month(tmpDate),2) & "/" & Year(tmpDate)

tmpTime = CDate(Mid(paramstring,InStr(paramstring,"/")+1))

tmpFormDate = tmpFormDate & " " & Right("0" & Hour(tmpTime),2) & ":" & Right("0" & Minute(tmpTime),2)

ConvertDetObsDate = tmpFormDate

End Function

Private Function ConvertDetObsTime (paramString)

Dim tmpTime

If IsDate(Mid(paramstring,InStr(paramstring,"/")+1)) Then
tmpTime = CDate(Mid(paramstring,InStr(paramstring,"/")+1))
tmpTime = CDate("00:00am")
End If

ConvertDetObsTime = Right("0" & Hour(tmpTime),2) & Right("0" & Minute(tmpTime),2) & Right("0" & Second(tmpTime),2)

End Function
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Re: Australia Weather from BOM

Post by chuckles34 »

Latest script (0.1j) seems to be full of case errors, is vbs case sensitive? could indicate the source of error

The above highlighted line 97 shows one (paramstring vs paramString) that difference occurs about 8 times

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tmpDay = CInt(Left(paramstring,InStr(paramstring,"/")-1))
if paramstring is seen as empty, then the Instr would return 0, meaning Left second param is -1 (would cause the above error)

tracing the code back shows on line 893

Code: Select all

wStationAbbrev = Replace(LCase(Observation_Station)," ","-")
should be?

Code: Select all

wStationAbbrev = Replace(LCase(observation_station)," ","-")
I'll keep looking but vbs is not my language
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Re: Australia Weather from BOM

Post by chuckles34 »

seems to be a function of both the case issues and melbourne observation station name. Using "Melbourne Airport" as observation station and fixing case issue has it working for me
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Re: Australia Weather from BOM

Post by worldwide7477 »

Very nice Skin wish it was a bit more global, for USA to use to bad...would have been a very nice addition to my "Rainmeter". :(
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Re: Australia Weather from BOM

Post by kanine »

This skin has been updated for 2020. It's utilising a new beta api from the Bureau of Meteorology which has allowed the including of Hourly and 3 Hourly forecast data.

The new home is at: