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Symantec Endpoint Protection & ESET NOD32

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Symantec Endpoint Protection & ESET NOD32

Post by iUnify »

OK.... a battle of the ages. Which is better? Endpoint or ESET. These are the number 1 and number 2 contenders for best Internet Secutiry Suite. The big question... which is number 1 and which is number 2.

Well, this question has been on my mind a lot lately. I recently just was upgraded to a 64bit Vista, soon to be 7 and this is my first ever expierence with 64 bit.

One thing I was shocked to see was a Program Files (x86). I had no idea. I thought it was 64 and only 64 bit once the jump was made.

So now I have a new question and I really could use the help of my fellow RM friends to make the decision.

Do I want to use 64 bit Enpoint or 32 bit? Do I want to use the 32 but ESET or 64?

I am leaning to Endpoint because of my friend who works for IBM and used to work for MS and has an emense amount of knowledge. I have read many in favor of ESET over Endpoint however so maybe I can get opinions on both.

There is one point which stands above and beyond all other to take into concideration. Something that actually worries me for upgrading to 64 bit.

Windows Vista's Patch Guard prevents kernal manipulation. In such a way that these virus protection softwares are unable to inact the same degree of protection.

Ha, I was looking at both websites today- under the 64 bit pages- and in the compairsons under the 64 bit column everything said "Why doesn't this work in 64 bit?" with an answer of "Kernel Patch Protection".

EVERYONE KNOWS that authors of malicious software have always and will always figure out a way to get around Windows Defenses.

What has always protected computers (at least moreso than WIndows defenses?) Anti Virus's and Security Suites.

Well, I don't know what to do or what to think. If I use 32 bit most features wornt work, right? And with 64 but the features just aren't included.

What do I do!?!? Any thoughts and or suggestions?
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Re: Symantec Endpoint Protection & ESET NOD32

Post by bhadkow »

i use Kaspersky.... i used both norton n eset nod 32 n various other internet security suites.... i prefer Kaspersky - it detects all n deletes/quarantines them!! wer as others hav detected but failed 2 quarantine/delete some files.., kaspersky even uses less resources... i dont know who told u dat eset is 2nd best but i dont think so... even my pc mag ran a series of tests on different antivirus programs and kaspersky excelled!! ofcourse norton is very gud 2... but with all the memory hogging n all it loses 2 kaspersky...

if u want 2 choose between symantec n nod , go for endpoint. :)

Re: Symantec Endpoint Protection & ESET NOD32

Post by sgtevmckay »

Hello iUnify

I have considered what you are looking at over the last 24 hours or so and have considered my not so little experience with security software over the years.

I render the following opinion:
as an all around solution there are not many that give you everything you need. Most software packages are strong in some areas and weak to follow up on others.

Symantec/Norton's Full Package:
  • I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy
    Too many resources being used.
    a complete clean uninstall is not possible without three different software tools.
    Very intrusive.
    Unless you are utilizing multiple cores (4 or more) skip this one.
    As user friendly as a person smiling hitting you in the head with a meat hammer
    Proper Tech Support??????
Now for someone with their first system and has absolutely no clue of the issues facing them via the various attacks, then yes as an instant answer I would dump them with Norton's, as it is as idiot proof as you can get at this time.
Of late there is some speculation that there are various viruses that are triggered by the very presence of a Norton's solution.
Nothing solid as yet, but it would not be a major thing to set a targeting virus.

These folks have been around for some time, but have not made any significant headway until the last year or so.
This concerns me, as NOD32 has been in the game for over 5 years and is just now coming to light as a a viable solution!?!!
I will watch and observe NOD32 to see where they go as I fear these folks are a flash-in-the-pants and their product may suffer in the future.

If you are absolutely paranoid over the internet and what your capabilities are
Then yes go Norton's, as I said this software is as idiot proof as it gets, but even lower quad core environments suffer Major Performance loss, and Symantec has no intention of addressing the Vampiric software they have created via Norton's AV.
You will have to watch the package constantly and be aware of necessary tweaks that will have to be made to the firewall as you proceed.

What do I use?
In house components

8TB NAS (Ubunutu) (Home Built)
desktop with quad core and 16 Gigs Ram (Vista 64) (Home Built)
Laptop crappy dual core 4 gigs Ram (Vista 32, 7 64, and Ubuntu) (Complete hardware rebuild)
HP Netbook (Ubuntu) (Modified OS and added additional Flash memory)

For my Ubuntu systems I only use ClamWin, and that has been all I have ever needed.

In my Windows environment:
AVG AntiVirus & Anti-spyware (Paid)
Threatfire (Free)
Comodo Firewall (Free)


Either one of these Software combination has been more than adequate for my needs when it comes to security, and I would readily advise them as a solution to anyone.

There are some caveats with Comodo Firewall that require you to be highly observant, and it does not mingle very well with some software, but can be manipulated to cooperate with them.

I have a friend that has been using a combination of the AVG Free, Comodo and Threatfire for over a year, and no issues of any note.

For what it is worth there you have it 8-)
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Re: Symantec Endpoint Protection & ESET NOD32

Post by Aubron »

I use Vipre, and the company's firewall application.

Never had any issues with viruses, but at the same time I'm fairly safe with browsing.

Re: Symantec Endpoint Protection & ESET NOD32

Post by sgtevmckay »

98.2% of all infections are caused by a lack of good judgment and the assumption of safety.
Like a person going 95MPH on the high thinking they are safe, because they have air bags

An air bag is all the full package AV's are, it will not stop you from making bad decisions

I have a friend that has used nothing more than the firewall and antivirus offered from Windows, since early XP days, and has never had a virus or attack issue.

"vigilance is the price of freedom" ;)
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Re: Symantec Endpoint Protection & ESET NOD32

Post by Chewtoy »

Spybot and AVG is what has keept me running virus free on my desktop (if I would get a virus, it's no loss either as nothing of importance is stored on the C:\ partition. And I can just boot in to Ubuntu and take care of it from there).

My experience with NOD32 is that it's a recource hog that does as much virus fighting as my dead grandmother does yoga.

Symatec I can't say anything about. Looked in to one of their firewalls but never got around to install it.
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