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September 2, 2009. A very Special Birthday

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September 2, 2009. A very Special Birthday

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Hello Folks

Today we have a very special birthday to recognize.
A child was born today, that has become important and influential to us all.
A member of our community if you will, but will not show up in our birthday list.

40 years ago today ArpaNet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) was born.
For at least 36 years I have watched this child grow with me as we are the same age.

I have watched as the folks that bore life to this ArpaNet child have watched in astonishment as the child grew and expanded beyond any thoughts or initial expectations.

I have watched and played with this child as it grew and became the BBC.
I watched as the child grew into the NCoM
I watched as this child grew into the WWW
I walked and help it grow into the Internet.

Today is the celebration of the 40th birthday of the internet and network communications.

I am so glad that I am a part of it in my life, and that I have had a hand in its growth and expansion.

As I grow and see the other that was born in the same year as I.
I can look back and see how we both have grown and expanded beyond what our Parents initially expected.
I look and see what this child has done oh so uniquely.
It showed us all the vastness of our world, and has helped bring many of us together.
This growing 40 year old has not made this a smaller world, but has shown all of us that there are others in it.
because of the child that was born 40 years ago; I have met each and every one of you :)

So let's pop a bottle and have a piece of cake, and help the Grown Up ArpaNet blow out the 40 candles their.

happy Birthday Internet 8-)