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Width/Height and Appdata

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Width/Height and Appdata

Post by Chewtoy »

Please. Somehow try making Width and Height undependable on one another.
Would be great if you can just define one value and the other is taken care of by itself (awesome thing to have in a Note-skin, hence the reason for request).

More specifically, AppVersion.
This is the current way:

Code: Select all

The minimum version of Rainmeter that is needed by this skin.

If you specify an AppVersion in your skin, and the version of Rainmeter being used by the end user is not equal to or greater than the version number in AppVersion=, The end user will be prompted to upgrade.
It is not necessary to define this if you don't want to, howerver it shoild be noted that if your skin uses features or settings not available in the version of Rainmeter the end user is runing, the skin may fail to operate correctly.

AppVersion is a single number that can be calculated like this: Major * 1000000 + Minor1 * 1000 + Minor2. E.g. a value for Rainmeter 0.11.4 would be 11004 and Rainmeter 1.0 would be 1000000. 
Why not make it simple and just use 0.14, 1.0, 1.1 and so on. Why the annoying thing of multiply and that?

I dunno... Maybe it's already taken care off, but then that was on the Introduction so... Meh...
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