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Hotkey support?

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Hotkey support?

Post by taipan_snake »

Hmm...i'm making a lot of suggestions today, but here's another one..

Maybe Rainmeter could have hotkey support, something like this:

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Win+2Action=!Execute [C:\RandomApp.exe]
Something like that (but maybe with Alt, Ctrl, Shift).

Would this be possible? Thanks!
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Re: Hotkey support?

Post by jsmorley »

Hot key support is certainly "possible". Not sure where it would fit on the "roadmap" for improving Rainmeter as there are limited development resources and a lot of features which need to be considered, but never be afraid to ask about any idea you have in this forum. it is what it is here for and I'd rather see a large list of requests that can't all be gotten to right away than having to "guess" what people are hoping for.