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Limitation of Quotes Plugin

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Re: Limitation of Quotes Plugin

Post by valentine1 »

I don't often need help with Rainmeter skins, but my word... when I do, the people here never disappoint!

Thank you!

eclectic-tech: I tried yours first. It still jumped around a lot, though seemed to jump less. Perhaps I don't quite understand how DynamicVariables works (or perhaps I don't understand it all which is actually quite likely).

ikarus1969: your amended lua and code is pure magic, and works! I see you're using some sort of new Inline options I've never seen before... time to check them out. I've updated Rainmeter so many times but am still running the skins I customised in 2017! In your code above, I changed Y=0R to Y=20R just for a bit of an extra gap, and it looks fantastic.

Once again, thank you both for your time. I am a very happy chappy. Good fortune to you both!