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Enigma Google Calendar Patch

A package of skins with a "theme" or by a single author
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Re: Enigma Google Calendar Patch

Post by MJR35 »

Hello. I've been using Enigma Google Calendar for a couple years now, and in just the last week, the skin would fail to load anything, showing only:


I installed the 2023 Enigma patch today, and after updating Gcalendar.ini with my calendar ics location, the skin shows the name of my calendar, but no events! It seems the events are actually loading to the skin, as clicking where they should be on the skin opens up my calendar in a browser window, but there's no text on the skin itself! I even changed the name of my calendar in Google calendar settings, and the Enigma skin displayed the new name, but still no event data. Events for the other calendars (Holidays and moon phases, as provided in the skin) show just fine; just not MY calendar!

UPDATE: Ok, I just found something interesting. In the @Resources/User/Calendars folder (a folder that doesn't exist in the previous Enigma version), there are XML docs for GoogleCalendar2 (holidays) and GoogleCalendar3 (moon phases), but not for GoogleCalendar1. I edited the Gcalendar.ini file to reference the Google calendar ICS files for my area, and now ALL THREE skin calendars are stuck in the "Loading... Processing..." loop.

Any ideas?
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Re: Enigma Google Calendar Patch

Post by r4zi3l »


I'm also getting the same.

Doesn't seem to pulling down the feed from Google.

Any ideas?