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[Suggestions] for InputText

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[Suggestions] for InputText

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I'm currently making a ColorPicker Skin to fit my other skin I'm working on and it's coming along nicely but there's only a couple things that I don't think are currently possible that I would love to see implemented, if at all possible.

When using the InputText Plugin, I'd like to be able: set OnDismissAction to simply confirm the entered value. Basically removing the need for the user to press enter. This behaviour makes a lot more sense when you want/need to fill multiple inputtext one after the other.

2. have a setting to impose not being able to use CTRL+ENTER and force the input to be entered in one single line. InputLineLimit or something similar.

Also, I think it would be a great addition if MouseActionCursor and MouseActionCursorName could be set on regular 'non-action' meters. I believe they currently are only available on meters that already have actions.
Edit: ok I figured out that you can basically get this behaviour by just adding LeftMouseUpAction=[] to the meter. ^^'