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Scroll Credits

Skins that control functions in Windows or Rainmeter
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Scroll Credits

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A little utility to display vertically scrolling text. A rework of skin ideas written about 10 yrs.ago :o

Now that Font Size are not limited to integer values, I was able to replace TransformationMatrix formulas to control scale with simple font multipliers which improved my original concept.

Four example skins are included in the rmskin package to demonstrate most of the features:
:17dot4 Scroll_Text ~ Plain text

:17dot4 Scroll_Overlay ~ iPad overlay image

:17dot4 Scroll_Underlay ~ Scroll paper underlay image (partial animation)

:17dot4 Scroll_Star_Wars ~ Fading text with Underlay image (partial animation and sound)

============= CREDITS =============
:17dot7 Scroll window modified from Manci5 Lyrics Skin (
:17dot7 Star Wars Theme by John Williams courtesy of
:17dot7 Gplay is a minimalist console multimedia player using Microsoft's DirectShow, included in the UnxUtils collection. Usage is gplay.exe FILENAME | URL from a command-line interpreter or the Microsoft Windows run prompt. The program was developed by Dr. Karl M. Syring and should be able to play any video or audio file that is supported by the underlying operating system.

Scroll Credits_1.2023.05.04.rmskin
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