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[V1.1.2] FrostedGlass - Now with more acrylic

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Re: [V1.1.2] FrostedGlass - Now with more acrylic

Post by death.crafter »

eclectic-tech wrote: November 25th, 2021, 5:47 am It worked fine, but I decided, since MagickMeter already can capture the wallpaper, to use that plugin rather than add another plugin to the package.

If your plugin had minimized all open windows before the capture I may have used it, but it did not offer a real advantage over what I was already using.

Thanks for going to the trouble of making a plugin for capturing the desktop, I may use it in another project. :rosegift:
Ohh my god. I am so sorry lol. I didn't test it with windows open. I guess that's why I got my wallpaper. I am sorry again.
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Re: [V1.1.2] FrostedGlass - Now with more acrylic

Post by JackBlaze »

LOL I´m not using other plugins hshshhs. just using the method khanhas used to get your desktop wallpaper as a way to help you in case you want to have acrylic or blur effect on your widgets. If you have other methods pls post them and help this community to grow instead of making ironic comments 🥰🥰🥰