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Lexis Calendar Showing wrong week

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Re: Lexis Calendar Showing wrong week

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balala wrote: February 9th, 2021, 1:13 pm No, you've posted once the code, but as said, there are two Bitmap meters ([Week] and [Day]), which are using two images (images\m2021.png and images\m_day.png, accordingly). I'd need them in order to check what's going wrong. So please pack the config (it has to be in the Skins folder, being named Lexis Calendar or something like this) and attach it. Simply the code is not enough, because I don't have the needed images, used by the Bitmap meters.
do you mean this..?
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Re: Lexis Calendar Showing wrong week

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tommy wrote: February 16th, 2021, 6:18 am do you mean this..?
Yep, this.
The problem is that the skin uses some images containing the days (Avengers\Calendar\Images\YEAR.png and Avengers\Calendar\Images\mYEAR.png). There are images for each year, up to 2020. But for 2021, there is no image, that's why the skin practically stoped working when the year turned to 2021.
This is a quite unfortune solution. You have to creat some similar images for the current year, as well as for the upcomming years.
A simple but quick solution is to find from the existing list, the year with a similar structure as 2021, and use its images. For now this seems to be year 2016. So copy the Avengers\Calendar\Images\2016.png and Avengers\Calendar\Images\m2016.png images back to the Avengers\Calendar\Images\ folder, renaming them to 2021.png and m2021.png accordingly.
Until the end of year, if you want to keep the skin working, you have to either create the appropriate images, or to find the appropriate images from the list (same as we did with the above images).
As said, I'd consider to renounce to this skin. It's not a too practical solution to have year related images. Unfortunate solution, in my opinion...