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Hello world!

Introduce yourself to the Rainmeter community!
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Hello world!

Post by peat-ar »

I'm a student from Austria (this little country next to Germany, not Australia ^^). For stocking up my pocket money I'm developing websites (with HTML, CSS, Js (AJAX, jQuery) and a lot of PHP --> short: CMS stuff :D), in my remaining spare time I like to do some Flash (AS3 together with PHP) and Processing applications (mainly graphical gimmicks without great use).

things I planned to work on:
  1. my desktop
  2. C++
  3. my own website!
Besides geek stuff I am learning German, English, French, Russian and Latin; for some sort of "final paper"(?) I'm currently occupying myself with asymetric stream cipher algorithms (mainly RSA) and (hyper)elliptic curves (for cryptography as well).

Atm I'm quite confused about rainmeter's syntax as until now I have been using .ini files just for storing variables, but not as a language itself :???:, but I hope questions are taken seriously in this forum and not in a "stop-being-a-noob"-way. :)

If anybody's interested in what you can do with Processing, here's an example of my recent work:
My introduction
My desktop: DeviantART: peat-ar
Skype: peat-ar
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Re: Hello world!

Post by JoBu »

Very cool, welcome to the forums!

If you run into problems with the code we're all here to help, so don't hesitate to post your issues!

Hope you enjoy Rainmeter and the community, again, welcome :)