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Hi My name is

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Hi My name is

Riseup44 » June 17th, 2018, 7:19 pm

Hello, My name is J but I go by Rise or RiseUp44 or some variant on pretty much everything.

I stumbled upon a YT video which pointed me in the direction of Rainmeter which is amazing.

I am currently interested in learning about other great Skin addons for Rainmeter so suggestions are welcome.
Just today I posted here in the forums looking for a Network Meter that reads in Gb not Bits or anything else since that is exactly what would be most helpful to me. I am also using the Illustro and Lim!t skins for other features.

I am a content creator and influencer mainly interested in console gaming and tech. My channels are NalyoGaming on YouTube and Nalyo_Gaming on Twitch. Twitter is RiseUp44 & NalyoGaming. Hit me up and we can talk Games and anything else.

Cheers, Rise