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Posted: December 20th, 2017, 12:16 am
by AlphaEdd
So I just noticed that I forgot to leave an intro !
Hello I'm Alpha and I like to draw and uh.... clocks
clocks are great man
but yeah anyway most of the skins I build for now are
[*] probably clocks (I have a dozen of these now, I'm sure)
[*] if they aren't clocks they're probably about art
[*] if they aren't neither of these, probably shitpost (I build a nut button a few hours ago and I can't stop clicking it)
[*] clocks that have my art and that also probably are shitpost
[*] did I mention clocks ?
[*] penguins
[*] homestuck themed clocks because this goddang comic just has a whole bunch lot going on about clocks
I try to learn new things to build cool clocks ! and other things I guess.
Someday I'll build a clock that's also a nut button