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An Odd one salutes you

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An Odd one salutes you

Oddwel » May 16th, 2015, 1:05 am


I'm Oddwel, as you could tell from my profile panel on the left on this text (unless you're using a different CSS style in which case I do not know what to tell you, we're just not in the same world).

I'm 20, french student in IT, and I just started Rainmetering for the second time. First time was a good 5 years ago and I was "only" using skins. Now I want to come back to RM to fully customize my work(and play)station, thus begin to skin myself.

I already started, and I'm already lost. (trying to mess with roundlines...)

Well, "lost"... I'm familiar with the basic meters and measures. String, images, rotator meters and Time, CPU, disks measures are fine. It's.. it's those roundlines. They seem to have doomed a godly hatred upon me, one that would eventually become reciprocal, from the looks of it.

As for what I like, what I don't, things like that, I'd just say I like story-driven things, being games, series, movies, books. Whenever there's a character that evolves, I'm interested in it. And I like things that look good. (I hate myself :D )

I think I'll leave this like that and go to sleep. It's 3 am.

So, yeah. Night.