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utorrent percentage

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utorrent percentage

Post by Nick »

Hey guys,

So i've got utorrent working but I would like to add a percentage to the end of the bar (like the gnometer system skin does). Can anyone get me started on how to do that. I'm not looking for the code just an explanation on what i need to do. I'm just getting started so I wanna figure some of it out for myself.

Thanks for any help you can give!
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Re: utorrent percentage

Post by Chewtoy »

You need to look at the page of µtorrents WebUI where the skin draws info from, something like http://#Username#:#Password#@
Then you need to look where you get the percent of completion. This value is given in milli%, so it will be a 4-digit value.
After you find that, you need to work it in to the RegExp so that you actually retrieve the value.
The use of RainRegExp will come in handy.
And after you get that, you probably need to change some other things in the code so everything pops up at the right place.
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Re: utorrent percentage

Post by poiru »


Gnometer 1.3 will include this. Should be released later today.