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Need some help trouble shooting

Help with creating, editing & fixing problems with skins
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Need some help trouble shooting

Post by Eclipse3g0 »

So I just found this terrific program last night, and after finishing the tutorials, I have decided to code my own theme. Minoring in computer science, it took me awhile to stop thinking in loops and switch to thinking of bringing different meters to the "front" as a way of moving the script in loops.

Anyway, I want my skins to blend in to my background, so I decided to make a bunch of icons independent of one another so I can arrange them how I'd like on the desktop; however, I've encountered a few speedbumbs.

The first is more of an annoyance that anything: I have programmed the icon to switch to a different picture when scrolled over, and then obviously change back when was either clicked or the mouse was moved away. This works fine if the mouse goes from picture -> transparent square underneath it intended to move the skin -> background

but when the mouse goes directly from the icon onto the background, it thinks it is still highlighted. As I said, I can easily fix this by making the sqaure bigger and centering the icon inside, but I figure I'd ask for an alternative method.

Now my major issue I most likely just coded like a blithering idiot, but for some reason my skin is being treated partially as its own program. What I mean by this is if I hold down the windows key and press "D" which normally clears the screen of all windows, it also closes my icon. As soon as I restore any of my running programs, the icon reappears. I did make sure that my Rainmeter was installed correctly, as Enigma runs fine.

While you guys are here :D I was wondering how to have a measure (or whatever tool is needed) detect that the selected program opened and change the icon to a third picture until the program is closed.... Basically I would like all of my icons to behave like the Windows gem; that is, idle -> hovered -> clicked

Thanks in advance,

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; Flight Chrome

Author= Eclipse
Config=Flight | Buttons

SolidColor=0, 0, 0, 1

MouseOverAction=!Execute [!RainmeterShowMeter ChromeActive][!RainmeterHideMeter Chrome][!RainmeterRedraw]

MouseLeaveAction= !Execute [!RainmeterHideMeter ChromeActive][!RainmeterShowMeter Chrome][!RainmeterRedraw]
LeftMouseDownAction= !Execute ["C:\Users\Greg\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"][!RainmeterHideMeter ChromeActive][!RainmeterShowMeter Chrome][!RainmeterRedraw]

Edit* Fixed the problem of it minimizing...had to set the position from 'normal' to 'on desktop'. Ill keep my problem up there incase anyone has similar troubles.
I would still love to know about rainmeter knowing what programs are running
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Re: Need some help trouble shooting

Post by JpsCrazy »

For directly from the icon to background:
That should fix it.
Also, the fix for the Windows Gem idea should fix this as well.

You solved the Win+D problem.

And for the Windows Gem idea, you'd need to make every icon a button.

As for Rainmeter knowing what programs are running...
There's a few levels of this.
For a particular process:
All processes: (just an example, there's plenty around.)

Use the search engine for finding issues such as this, it saves you and all of us time.