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Trying to recreate a design.

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Trying to recreate a design.

Post by KWH »


I found this desktop ( this afternoon and fell in love. Now I'm trying to make mine look similar. I'm rather new to Rainmeter, and I particularly need help figuring out the large middle bar and the upper-left shortcuts, which I understand can be done with it. Could anyone point me in the right direction?

If it helps at all, I'm running Vista and Rainmeter 1.2.

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Re: Trying to recreate a design.

Post by karmat »

The time skin is probably or

The top left shortcuts are either objectdock or rocketdock, they aren't rainmeter, because they have indicators showing (shows what apps are open). But if you want shortcuts done in Rainmeter, there is quite a few out there. My favourite is Vark
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Re: Trying to recreate a design.

Post by brijamelsh »

Couldn't you just set a bang to unhide an meter to indicate an app that is open when you click it? granted it wouldn't go away when you closed the app, but hey, it would work.