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Scripters!!! Help MEEE

Help with creating, editing & fixing problems with skins
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Scripters!!! Help MEEE

Post by zarboga »

can someone create a skin/script based on ?
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Re: Scripters!!! Help MEEE

Post by Dave_W »

* Don't bother posting a message describing what you would like in a skin and saying "can you just write it for me?". The answer is no. We will help you with specific issues and even with getting started learning how to use Rainmeter, but nobody here is your personal code monkey...
From the How to Ask For Help in the Forums thread.

The answer is that Rainmeter should be able to do this, using RegExp, but...y'know, you're going to have to make some of the running. The community here really is very helpful and if you can get some of the way we'll be only too happy to help - but you've got to make some effort.
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Re: Scripters!!! Help MEEE

Post by poiru »

You'll need to parse with WebParser.
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Re: Scripters!!! Help MEEE

Post by Chewtoy »

We can. But we wont.
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Re: Scripters!!! Help MEEE

Post by Alex2539 »

Alright, it's getting a little mean in here...

These forums are meant as a way to give support to people that are having issues with the software or are having trouble with the coding. It is not a request forum. As such, I recommend that you read the following.

First, this topic: How to ask for help in the forums.
That topic gives you some pointers on what kinds of posts will and will not likely recieve any positive responses.

Next, read up on these pages here: Rainmeter 101.
The pages there have a lot of very helpful information that will get you started on creating your own Rainmeter skins. Unfortunately the skin you want is actually pretty complicated, so it's going to take some time.

Once you've read those, you are welcome to come back and ask specific questions about your own code.

We're not declining to help you because we're mean, but rather because we just don't do what it is you're asking.

I'm going to lock this topic for now to avoid any further degradation.