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Launch webpage, and fill the forms

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Launch webpage, and fill the forms

Post by Pandaninja »

I am trying to create a rainmeter for better automation of creating tickets. At the current moment I have a launcher that will open a webpage with the form blank. I was wondering if there was anyway to have it fill the information out. If so, do you have any tips on how to do that?
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Re: Launch webpage, and fill the forms

Post by Jeff »

What kind of tickets are you talking about, are they stored only locally or done somewhere online?
If it's like the second one, somewhere online (since you said it opens a page and is obvious from the title), Rainmeter just displays some fancy rectangles on the screen, that's all it can do (even says on the home page), it can't do stuff like typing, for that you could use something like AutoHotKey and to specifically write messages use the Send command and depending on how the app works, you can just send Tab commands to change the inputbox or MouseMove and do other actions from there