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Splash screens and launchers ?.

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Splash screens and launchers ?.

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A common trend I noted on DeviantART was that everyone with rainmeter has launchers with 10+ applications I've been searching but I can't really find out how they do it. My other question is if it's possible to disable the Enigma splash screen from popping up on Windows startup?

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Re: Splash screens and launchers ?.

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One of the more easy to understand features is creating a shortcut with rainmeter and designing a gui for it.

The code looks similar to this, but there are many many ways to do it:


the splash screen is likely dependent on something in the settings ini possibly even as simple as changing a zero to a one.

Try looking for an image (if any) used in the splash, then search the @Resources folder for that image visually. Once you have its name, you can search by the name in the several ini or inc files - notepad has a search function, or better get your mind around using something like Sublimetext3 or notepad++.

There will be more people no doubt so keep an eye on this thread.
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