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Help! Omnimo UI 1.01 for Rainmeter not working!

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Help! Omnimo UI 1.01 for Rainmeter not working!

Post by Xehsin »

Hey guys

I'm pretty new to skinning, and Rainmeter altogether. I've managed to make a really nice desktop so far though. I thought that i was good at following directions too..but i can't seem to get Omnimo UI 1.01 working. I'm using Windows 7, 64-bit (yes i downloaded the 64-bit version of Rainmeter)

This is what the developers said:
Make sure you have rainmeter installed in Program Files and it was run at least once. Make sure your Rainmeter\Skins folder is located in Documents.
Now go to your downloaded pack, Omnimo UI\Data\Skins, copy the WP7 folder to Documents\Rainmeter\Skins and Data\Themes\Omnimo\Rainmeter.thm folder to %APPDATA\Rainmeter\Themes, launch rainmeter, right click the tray icon, and from themes select Omnimo.
This is what i did:

I unzipped the file, with winrar into a folder called TEST on my desktop.

Then I followed the instructions. First, I took the W7 folder from TEST\Data\Skins\WP7, and copied it to TEST\Data\Themes\Omnimo\Rainmeter.thm. because i could not find Documents\Rainmeter\Skins and Data\Themes\Omnimo\Rainmeter.thm Then i copied the Omnimo folder and pasted in Program Files\Rainmeter\Themes. because i could not find %APPDATA\Rainmeter\Themes

I exited out of the Rainmeter and opened it again, but i could not find Omnimo in Themes.
What am I doing wrong guys? What should i do? Thanks for your help, i really appreciate it! :)


I put the same Omnimo file under AppData\Roaming\RainmeteThemes and it works!
Does anyone know how to make it windowed and to make the box size smaller?
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Re: Help! Omnimo UI 1.01 for Rainmeter not working!

Post by poiru »

I know you got it working now, but if a skin comes packaged with Rainstaller.exe (Omnimo does), just double-click on it and let it do the installing. Makes life easier ;)