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i wanted to make a basic note skin but..........

Help with creating, editing & fixing problems with skins
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i wanted to make a basic note skin but..........

Post by shyclawy »

idk how to begin @_@ the tutorials i found aren't for notes per se (ma potato mind can only follow video tutorials. no written ones).
could....... anyone gib me a hand with it, or even be so kind to do it for me (if u can and have the time, ofc XD)? :c:
to be specific, this is what i wanted as a skin (a preview)
the background is this one (without anything written on it)
and the custom fonts i used for the 'example' were bartond typeface demo, size 140 and 04b03, size 25.
the links for the fonts: and
(i wanted to use those same fonts, if possible)
i just wanted some notes i could edit as i please, write anything i want and move anywhere i want. nothin' more D:
could anyone help me or even do it, if u can? :oops:
any help is hella welcomed ^===^ thank u in advance <33333

[EDIT] i did it
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Re: i wanted to make a basic note skin but..........

Post by balala »

Skin request is forbiden here on this forum, however if you don't know how to start, here is an extremely simple skin, with one single note which can be added. Try it out and let me know if it looks like what would you like. Then I can help you with further development, if interested.
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