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[Help] New to this

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[Help] New to this

Post by Xanek »

Few questions
How do you get the enigma music player to work?
Is there a way for the theme to take over the default taskbar? or is it not possible.
On the Enigma _Taskbar, how do you add or change the clickable items on it?
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Re: [Help] New to this

Post by smurfier »

The pre-loaded music player is for iTunes. There is also one for winamp that you can load through RainBrowser.
Rainmeter cannot replace the taskbar in the manner that you ask. you can make it autohide and there are utilities that can turn it off, but it is not a true replacement.

1)Click on the sidebar or taskbar.
2)Click on Configuration.
3)Through this window you can set all of your enigma options. Note that these options are only for the enigma suite.
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